Acknowledging bats – our ecosystem heroes

Bats Throughout human history, bats, the only flying mammals (popular pub quiz question by the way), have been feared by people, most likely because of their nocturnal and mysterious behaviour.... Read more

It’s all about helping animals

Despite the pandemic, our Ambassador in Costa Rica, Diana Holder, has continued her work helping animals in poor neighbourhoods. Diana regularly holds spay/neuter clinics in poverty-stricken neighbourhoods. Many people couldn’t... Read more

Squirrels in Italy: Native and Alien

Did you know that in Italy there are many species and subspecies of squirrels? The native red squirrel The native red squirrel, known scientifically as ‘sciurus vulgaris linnaeus’, is the most... Read more

Beirut Explosion – One Year Later

An update from Animals Lebanon, our dedicated World Animal Day ambassador organisation in Beirut. "On the afternoon of 4 August 2020, our life exploded.2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate had been... Read more
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