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Taiwanese music legends support World Animal Day

Our Taiwanese Ambassadors, Lily Wang and Emily Chow of Help-Save-A-Pet-Fund (HSAPF), are delighted to announce their co-operation with several very popular Taiwanese singers to produce a special song for World Animal Day 2016 to encourage the adoption of pets around the globe.

The singers include: 張祖誠 (Vic Teo)、任家萱 (Selena Jen)、蕭敬騰 (Jam Hsiao)、王治平王若琳 (Joanna Wang)李毓芬周興哲王思佳周予天方炯鑌黃荻鈞Lulu黃路梓茵、LollipopF棒棒堂、TOP1男子漢、Echo李昶俊、余荃斌 No name – if you click their names, you will be taken to their wiki page.

The song was written by a Malaysian singer currently living in Taiwan, Vic Teo, who is a volunteer and strong support of HSAPF, and was produced by a very famous Taiwanese music producer, Wang Chi-ping. An HSAPF volunteer has kindly added English subtitles for international audiences. 

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