The role of a World Animal Day Ambassador

Our wonderful team of World Animal Day Ambassadors is made up of volunteers, who carry out two primary roles:

  1. Create awareness of the World Animal Day movement and its mission to raise the status of animals, in order to improve welfare standards around the globe. 
  2. Encourage animal welfare organisations, community groups, youth and children’s clubs, businesses and individuals to organise events in celebration of this special day.

Read more about the types of events that are held around the world on the about page.

View some of the fantastic events that have been added to the website by animal advocates worldwide, in celebration of this special day.

Most Ambassadors are people who hold key roles within animal welfare organisations and, therefore, benefit from the support of colleagues.

Please be assured that we do not expect Ambassadors to do something for World Animal Day every day of the year!

Each Ambassador is allocated their own page on the website to provide information about their organisation's animal welfare work.

We ask Ambassadors to perform the following tasks throughout the year:

  • Contact organisations, schools, groups, clubs, sanctuaries and individuals to encourage them to organise events in celebration of World Animal Day, on or around October 4 (including non-animal related groups such as Brownies, Scouts, and other community groups);
  • Contact animal-related websites and encourage them to create a website link to help spread the message about the World Animal Day movement;
  • Contact celebrities in their country asking them for a written pledge of support, accompanied by an image, that can be added to the website ‘Celebrity Support’ page, to help maintain a truly international feel;
  • Submit articles to newspapers, magazines, radio and television leading up to October 4 in order to maximise media coverage which, in turn, will increase involvement in celebrations.
  • Organise an event each year in celebration of this special day.
  • Engage with the official World Animal Day social media channels.

World Animal Day Ambassadors can apply for the annual World Animal Day Grant sponsored by Naturewatch Foundation. 

Please note:

  • To be considered for the role of a World Animal Day Ambassador, it’s essential that you are a registered and approved member of the website.
  • You should have been involved with the organisation of at least one World Animal Day event that has been advertised on the website.