The World Animal Day Grant


The annual World Animal Day grant is sponsored by Naturewatch Foundation, a UK-based animal welfare charity. (Registered charity no. 1039679.)

The amount awarded each year depends on the types of projects submitted. Comparative information on costs between different countries will be taken into consideration. More than one organisation may be selected as recipients of the grant.

The grant is restricted to applications by World Animal Day Ambassadors for non-emergency projects being undertaken in their own country.

The Trustees and Advisors of Naturewatch Foundation will select projects they believe:

  • have the best potential to make a significant and lasting, positive impact upon the welfare of animals.
  • are in the spirit of World Animal Day and will help the movement achieve its Mission to raise the status of animals around the globe.

Please check that your organisation fits our funding criteria before submitting an application.

Funding criteria:

  • The grant is only available to World Animal Day Ambassadors who work for registered, not for profit, non-governmental animal welfare organisations.
  • The grant is not available to individuals.
  • Dependent upon the project and its needs, the grant may be paid in stages and Naturewatch Foundation reserves the right to withhold funding at any point if the project is not carried out as originally agreed.
  • Projects that involve the building, renovation or maintenance of rehoming facilities for domestic pets will not be considered.
  • It must be demonstrated that the applicant organisation is well governed.
  • It’s essential that all sections of the application form are completed and the requested supporting documents provided before the specified deadline.
  • The winners will be required to complete and return a Grant Acceptance Form before any funds are released.
  • The winners will be required to provide regular progress reports with supporting photographs and specific information relevant to the project.

Grant application process:

Generally, applications are accepted from around February to May. Eligible Ambassadors will receive an email from World Animal Day HQ, with details of how to apply.

All applications will be carefully and sympathetically considered and the winners are usually announced in August.

We look forward to receiving your application!