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Time to catch up on what happened this year on World Animal Day 2021!

World Animal Day has been growing year on year and 2021 was no exception!

Thanks to YOU, we reached more people than ever, uniting millions under the common goals of building a better world for animals.

In the face of the ongoing challenges and unprecedented events, you showed up and you became helpers, advocates and friends for animals globally.

We all have the power to create change as individuals, but together we can do even more.

We are so glad that you are here and that you take a stand for animals, and we would love for you to continue to join us in growing the movement. Invite as many people as you can to join us next year on October 4 for the next World Animal Day!

And remember, animals need us every day – please use our our ideas and resources throughout the year!

Read more about this year’s activities:

world animal day

world animal day

If you see something in our suggestions, or feel inspired by other actions but can’t do them right away- why not plan ahead for the next October 4?

Image: the image above shows volunteers from the Animal Kingdom Foundation, an organization that advocates for the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of once-slaughter bound dogs. You can read more about their pet blessing and rehoming event here.

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