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Update from OIPA Cameroon about their 2021 World Animal Day Grant

One of the main World Animal Day 2021 grants went to OIPA Cameroon to assist the organisation with their plans to help thousands of working animals in need across the country.

OIPA Cameroon is one part of the International Organisation for Animal Protection that has a focus on both education and the provision of veterinary care to the animals who require it. OIPA Cameroon takes a three-pronged approach to improving animals lives through the provision of: rescue and rehabilitation services, neutering schemes and education.

In the past, OIPA Cameroon has provided education on animal welfare to thousands of school children, has worked on conservation schemes and has helped hundreds of animals.

A project to help working animals

world animal day In April, OIPA Cameroon applied for the World Animal Day grant to fund an important 11-month project for donkeys and working animals throughout the country, due to their concerns about the treatment of these animals.

For thousands of years, donkeys and horses have been used daily to carry heavy loads and to support agricultural practices. Despite their importance within communities, thousands of donkeys go without proper care throughout Cameroon — suffering from wounds, malnutrition and issues such as overgrown hooves.

Some donkeys may even have infections and heavy parasite burdens developed from the absence of veterinary care. Often this can be due to the high expense of equine veterinary care and the economic status of the donkeys’ owners.

Another reason behind the lack of proper care given to the donkeys lies in the absence of knowledge about how to care for them, which was one key area that OIPA Cameroon wished to tackle.

Their goal: to create a better future for donkeys living in Cameroon

There were several aims that OIPA Cameroon set out to achieve, including visiting key communities to provide veterinary treatment to donkeys and educating children through a set programme.

Upon receiving the good news about their grant, the organisation got straight to work printing educational resources and starting the process of organising their planned mobile veterinary clinic project.

Educational achievements!

OIPA Cameroon has begun the rollout of a highly successful school educational programme, which teaches children aged 7-13 about the importance of animal welfare. They have completed this class in eight schools so far, using creative methods such as poetry and drama to engage the pupils.

world animal day

Some of the children spoke about the lack of care for animals that they had seen from the adults in their lives. For many the concept of animal welfare was completely new to them. 


Following the completion of the classes, children participated in quizzes to test their new knowledge which allowed them an opportunity to win prizes. It was enjoyed so much that within three of the schools ‘animal welfare clubs’ have started!

Of the schools benefitting from OIPA’s educational work, several have incorporated animal welfare into the curriculum. As this project began in September, many of the schools were encouraged to join in with World Animal Day for the first time too!

Mobile veterinary clinic achievements!

Upon winning the World Animal Day grant, OIPA Cameroon paid for the treatment for one thousand donkeys and, on World Animal Day itself, held a mobile veterinary clinic where hundreds of donkeys were provided with treatment. This clinic was one of two so far that ensured that 433 donkeys were given the care they needed.

world animal day Alongside the provision of this vital care, OIPA Cameroon conducted educational talks with those whose donkeys had been treated, providing key information about the importance of preventative healthcare and adequate nutrition and shelter.

The educational part of this project didn’t end there, with OIPA Cameroon remaining in the Zamia and Gazawa communities to educate and learn about some of the recurring issues that were causing the poor health of the owned donkeys. Between these two communities alone, there is a total of 15,000 donkeys!

What we can expect to see from the rest of the project

OIPA Cameroon are planning to continue working on this project until summer next year, which will allow them to provide veterinary care to over 500 donkeys.

world animal day Over the remaining months of the project, OIPA Cameroon will also attend more schools and communities to provide them with lessons that are hoped to have a lasting and positive impact for thousands of donkeys throughout Cameroon.

This was only made possible due the generosity of people like you that support our work! Thank you.

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