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Victory for Children and Bulls

Michoacán, Mexico: statewide ban on participation of children in bullfighting.

This legislative measure seeks to coincide with the Committee on the Rights of Children of the United Nations recommendation to Mexico last year, in which expressed its concern for the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of children who attend bullfighting schools and children exposed to violence in bullfights, activity that contravenes their right to a life free from violence. Congress also took into consideration the studies of experts who claim that animal abusers show greater propensity to be violent with other people and commit common crimes.

Michoacán becomes the second state in the country after Veracruz to approve this law reform. Movimiento Consciencia and World Animal Day express our appreciation and gratitude to Congressman, José Daniel Moncada Sánchez, Miguel Moreno Magaña, Representative of Movimiento Consciencia in Michoacán and the Congress of said state for making a difference in the fight against violence.

More information (link in Spanish): 

Araceli Ferris, WAD Ambassador Mexico
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