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Whether you want to offer your skills as a volunteer OR need voluntary help with a specific project, this platform will help you make a difference for animals. It faciliates the bringing together of talented and compassionate people for the benefit of animals, particularly in developing countries. 

Examples of volunteering opportunities: veterinary assistance, training local vets, humane education, general help at a rescue shelter, maintaining wildlife habitats, building bird boxes, etc. If you’re an animal loving builder, plumber or electrician and would like to volunteer your skills, there’s always a call for help with shelter maintenance. 


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IMPORTANT: After you've added a voluntary opportunity, please send an email to info@worldanimalday.org.uk to let us know and we'll promote it across our social media channels.

Sharing your skills is a powerful and sustainable way to bring about change. It doesn't matter how long you are available for – a week, a year - volunteer and make a real contribution to the lives of animals, as well as supporting the people you work with and helping the local community as a whole. Such a rewarding experience will also make a difference to YOU!

Do you need expert help with a specific animal-related project? If so then advertise on this platform to find those special people. It might be that you don't need specific expertise, you simply need an extra pair of hands to provide general help and support at a rescue shelter, for example. That’s fine, as there are many compassionate people who would jump at the opportunity to help you simply because they love animals.

The World Animal Day Volunteer Platform is a free service to help improve the lives of animals.  All advertisements are submitted by approved users of the website and published in good faith by World Animal Day.  However, World Animal Day takes no responsibility for the information contained within the advertisements.