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Wild-caught primates confiscated from traders

In Indonesia, our Ambassador has been making good use of the two forest rehabilitation enclosures in Sumatra funded by the 2017 World Animal Day grant.

The enclosures form part of a rescue and rehabilitation centre for confiscated Indonesian wildlife that’s run by the Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN), led by one of our World Animal Day Ambassadors, Femke den Haas.

Although intended for the rehabilitation of confiscated sun bears before being released back to the wild, right now the two enclosures funded by the grant are home to wild-caught primates rescued from the hands of traders. The primates are part of a large confiscation that took place recently at the Sumatra/Java border.

The 2017 World Animal Day grant builds a new future in the wild for rescued sun bears

Enclosure construction updates

More about the Wildlife Centre supported by World Animal Day that recently opened its doors




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