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Winner of World Animal Day grant is announced!

world animal day

THE WINNER IS…………… ‘People for Animals Ghaziabad’, India. 

Project: In India it is common place for bullock carts and tonga carts to be overladen causing great distress, horrendous injuries and, on many occasions, death as the poor animals struggle to pull their loads. This needless cruelty goes on day after day making education essential. PFA Ghaziabad is desperate to end this cruelty by carrying out a six month intensive awareness campaign with free vet treatment for wounded animals. Representatives of the organisation will visit brickworks and wholesale markets where wheat, sugar, iron, etc. are sold to assess the condition of the working animals, whilst distributing welfare information leaflets and CDs, providing animal diet sheets, and treating any injured animals to heal their wounds and alleviate their pain.

In the words of Ashima Sunil, Managing Trustee, PFA Ghaziabad
“A staggering number of households in India depend on working animals for their livelihood. The condition in which these animals work is extremely pitiful. They are forced to carry unimaginable loads, are beaten and underfed. In our country, where exploit(ation of even human labourers seldom gets any attention, the plight of these voiceless creatures always goes unheard. These animals are loaded with excessive weight, are made to work for long hours-sometimes without food and water. If this was not enough, they are even forced to work when they are sick or injured. Their cruel owners deliberately cause injury to the animals and prod sticks in their injuries, twist their tails as they believe this makes it easier for them to control their animals while carrying their excessive loads. Furthermore, ropes and harnesses used are made from coconut coir or nylon, which cause cuts and abrasions on their bodies. Weak laws and a complete lack of sensitivity among people encourages such fearless cruelty.

With the kind help of Naturewatch Foundation and its supporters, we can now raise our voice against the cruelty and give a voiceless animal the dignity of life it deserves.” You can view images related to this project by clicking on the relevant link from this page

Naturewatch Foundation has also committed to sending small grants to the other two organisations that were shortlisted to help them with their daily work.

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