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World Animal Day 2020 grant winner’s report: Animed Arad

‘Spay! Spay! Spay!’

For almost 20 years, Animed Arad has been spaying stray cats and dogs, and pets with very poor human companions.

Their mission is to work for a future when there are no more strays, as unwanted litters account for thousands of abandoned animals every year.

Part of the problem is that many companion animals roam outside. Their families are extremely poor, with some only living on less than 100 Euros a month. This means that although they love their pets, they cannot afford a vet.

The life of a stray is even harder, with cold winters, sparse food, and no veterinary care.

world animal day Romania’s World Animal Day Ambassador: Dr Claudiu Iosim and his poster showcasing Animed Arad’s partnership with World Animal Day

Dr Claudiu and his dedicated team set out to spay 100 dogs and cats

They set off to Santana, a town in north-western Romania.

Here, they collaborated with the local Fire Department and City Hall, to use their fire station as a base for the spaying program.

They worked tirelessly over several weekends, spaying both beloved pets and strays alike!

Before long, the team had spayed 100 cats and dogs!

Any strays were also put up for adoption!

world animal day In position: The specialised Animed Animal Ambulance, proudly displaying the Romanian and World Animal Day flags, awaits patients in the Santana Fire Station

 The project was a big success in the community, with lots of positive feedback – “They were super happy they had the chance to spay their pets and rescued strays they offer for adoption.”

“On the one hand, we showed people what can be done, and on the other hand the operated dogs and cats will live longer and healthier lives and hundreds and hundreds of pups and kittens won’t be born by mistake in Santana city.”

Dr Claudiu Iosim

world animal day

world animal day No more unwanted kittens for this lucky cat!


The other World Animal Day 2020 grant winner was HART, Nepal. Read about their project.

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