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World animal day 2023: Great or Small, Love Them All

The theme of World Animal Day in 2022 was ‘a shared planet’.

For our 2023 theme, we reached out to you for ideas! You sent us some great suggestions, and after much deliberation, we chose the following theme for this year’s World Animal Day…

‘Great or Small, Love Them All’

The lucky winner won a fantastic World Animal Day logo pin!

We agreed the theme encompasses all animals and we hope it will encourage people from all walks of life to get involved with World Animal Day by helping the animals around them, no matter what species. Our 2023 World Animal Day theme brings to light the importance of all beings, great and small, allowing the opportunity for even the most overlooked animals to be appreciated for what, and who they are. The mice used for animal experiments need your advocacy this World Animal Day just as much as elephants mistreated for tourism do – and the more people that get involved this year, leading up to, and on October 4, the greater the difference we can collectively make for all animals. Whoever you are, and wherever you live, you can help make the world a better, kinder place for animals. World Animal Day is for everyone.

We can’t wait to see how creative you’ll be with this inspirational theme!

What will YOU do for animals on October 4?

Think of all the animals around the world who need your voice:

  • Companion animals
  • Wild animals
  • Farm and working animals
  • Animals used in tourism and entertainment
  • Animals used in experiments
  • Marine animals

World Animal Day offers you the chance to make a difference for, and bring awareness to, any type of animal you’d like to help or celebrate.

Join compassionate people all over the globe on, and around, October 4, as they organise fantastic events to raise the status of animals.

Don’t forget – we’ll offer a free World Animal Day logo flag and dog bandana to everyone who registers an event around October 4!

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