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World Animal Day Ambassadors share their thoughts

World Animal Day is the perfect opportunity for everyone to demand the best living conditions for every animal.

Some of the amazing people who dedicate their lives to improving animal welfare are the World Animal Day Ambassadors.

They put the ‘World’ into World Animal Day and our goal is to have at least one Ambassador in each country.

Each Ambassador works for a registered, not-for-profit, non-governmental animal welfare organisation and has a track record of supporting World Animal Day. Simply put — they’re real-life superheroes who give everything for Earth’s creatures.

And despite the Ambassadors being super busy, they’ve been kind enough to have a chat with us about their work. You can learn about the people behind the charities, the struggles they face, and how your support helps to improve the lives of animals. Maybe you could be a shining example to animal lovers in your community and be an Ambassador yourself?

So, let’s learn more about them and their stories!

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Find out about becoming a World Animal Day Ambassador.


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