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World Animal Day Global Wave 2015

Whoever you are – wherever you are – YOU can help improve the lives of animals around the world!  

How many selfies do you take every week?

We’re asking you to take ONE extra photo to help raise global awareness of World Animal Day – that’s all!  Even if you aren’t participating in an event for World Animal Day, you can still play an important role by sharing your #worldanimalday selfie with friends on social media and with World Animal Day Headquarters.

  1. Print a Happy World Animal Day Hashtag Selfie Poster for the Global Wave 2015 – with or without a pledge.  Please select one of the following 3 posters: 
    HAPPY#worldanimalday (landscape without pledge)   HAPPY#worldanimalday (portrait with pledge)   HAPPY#worldanimalday (landscape with pledge)
  2. Take a selfie with it – the more creative the better.
  3. Email it to us at info@worldanimalday.org.uk for publication on social media.

No colour printer?

  • Don’t worry if you don’t have a colour printer – just use a black and white sign instead. 
  • If you can’t print the sign at all, just write #worldanimalday on a piece of paper (or something else) and take a selfie with it instead.
  • Another printer-free alternative is to open the Happy World Animal Day Hashtag Selfie poster on a second phone or tablet screen and hold it up while you take a photo!

Try and make it as interesting as possible so that it gets more likes and shares – YOU can help make World Animal Day 2015 even bigger and better than last year!

However, it goes without saying that we don’t want to see any photos of animals that are either tied up, being kept in captivity, or used as a tourist attraction.

A few ideas…

  • Take a group selfie with friends and family.
  • Your photo doesn’t have to include an animal, but you could include the family pet if they cooperate!
  • Strike a pose somewhere really unusual. Are you going on holiday? Do you live somewhere exotic? Include it in your photo!
  • If you are also organising an activity or event for World Animal Day, advertise it in your photo. For example, if you will be busking for an animal welfare charity on October 4th, take a selfie with your guitar. Or if you’re holding a car wash, take a photo with your bucket and sponge!
  • Even if you’re camera-shy, you can still take part… just take a selfie in disguise or dress up in a costume. Or you could use face paint!

You must be happy to have your photo shared on social media belonging to World Animal Day HQ, Naturewatch Foundation and other reputable organisations affiliated with us.

We look forward to receiving your photos.  Thank you for snapping a selfie for animals! 

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