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World Animal Day Grant Interim Report

A few words from Thomas Kahema, Executive Director, Tanzania Animal Welfare Society (TAWESO)

Dear World Animal Day and supporters of Naturewatch Foundation who sponsored the grant.

The Tanzania Animal Welfare Society was privileged to be the recipient of the 2015 World Animal Day Grant which was used to help suffering donkeys, dogs and cats in Mpwapwa district in the central part of Tanzania.

A total of 2,438 donkeys, 2659 dogs and 123 cats were reached with veterinary care, wound treatment and vaccinated against rabies.  During the project which was conducted throughout the month of October 2015, 1,086 dogs and 65 cats were sterilized. Most animals were brought to the veterinary clinics by children and we used the opportunity to educate them about their animal ownership responsibilities.

“Since we started some works in the district for the past 6 years, it has never happened to help so many animals like this in the area in a month”, one staff member named Gabriel noted.

Dr Kahema says: “We are delighted to send our deep felt thanks to the supporters of Naturewatch Foundation who made it possible for us to provide veterinary services to the animals in need, and also helping to prevent the spread of the most feared rabies disease in the rural poor communities we have reached.  Our team and the networks in the area are greatly touched by this support and the people were very happy to get free veterinary care as most of the animals have not seen a vet since they were born.”

A full report about this comprehensive project and what it has achieved will be posted here in a few weeks time.  

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