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World Animal Day press release 2016

Tuesday 27th September 2016

World Animal Day – October 4 – Your chance to tell the world that animals matter!

Every year, a huge variety of inspiring events are held around the globe.  World Animal Day unites the animal welfare movement, mobilising it into a global force for change with no regard to nationality, religion, faith or political ideology. It’s the one day of the year that embraces all animals and the unique concerns of each, in every country. 

What is World Animal Day?

www.worldanimalday.org.uk is a social movement to raise the status of animals and improve welfare standards around the globe. Animal welfare organisations, community groups, youth and children’s clubs, businesses and individuals organise events in celebration of this special day to draw attention to animal issues and make them front page news.

Why celebrate World Animal Day?

Throughout history, social movements like World Animal Day have been key in fighting for social justice and reform, with ground-breaking laws being passed in response. The lives of animals are profoundly affected by the actions of individuals, businesses and nations. It’s therefore essential that, as sentient beings, their rightful status as recipients of social justice is established and translated into effective animal protection.

Through increased awareness and education, we can help create a new culture of respect and sensitivity to make this world a fairer place for all animals.  World Animal Day has already brought about a significant and lasting contribution towards advancing animal welfare standards, and its influence will continue to grow (there are a few examples in ‘Editors Notes’ below).

World Animal Day Ambassadors

Currently, there are 92 Ambassadors working in 74 countries, all of them keen to be part of this global movement to bring about change for animals. Here’s what two Ambassadors have to say about World Animal Day:

Otara Gunewardene, Sri Lanka“World Animal Day in Sri Lanka goes beyond celebrating one day. It is about education, creating awareness; influencing and inspiring young people to establish a world where harmonious co-existence with animals is a reality.”

Thomas Kahema, Tanzania“All that we do in celebration of World Animal day has been a big lesson to government, local communities and schools throughout the country.  Many people now understand the reasons why it’s important for them to take the care of animals seriously.”

Celebrating World Animal Day unites the animal protection movement creating a global force to improve the lives of animals.  Everyone who cares about animals can get involved and help the World Animal Day movement grow until it reaches and connects animal advocates in all corners of the globe.  

Last minute ideas

World Animal Day might only be days away but you can still get involved. Your participation, large or small, will help mobilise people for action now for a better future for animals.

  • Annual Global Wave to mark World Animal Day every year!  Whoever you are.  Wherever you are.  Take a selfie to help promote World Animal Day. Play an important role by sharing your #worldanimalday selfie with friends on social media and with World Animal Day HQ. Find out more and print a Happy World Animal Day Hashtag Selfie Poster.
  • Publish a personal pledge for the animals on the World Animal Day website. Every pledge makes a difference – what will yours be?
  • Sign Up as a member now to get more involved in helping to raise the status of animals.
  • More ideas of ways you can get involved last minute can found here.   

Every one of us can make a difference – together we make change happen!


Editors Notes

Events are organised under the World Animal Day umbrella by being publicised on www.worldanimalday.org.uk and advertised using the World Animal Day brand and logo.

Types of events held include, awareness and educational events, shelter open days, pet adoption events, conferences and workshops, animal blessing services, fundraising events such as concerts, sponsored walks, and shelter open days, through to gala balls, workshops to educate the owners of working animals, school events to educate the younger generation such as animal-related competitions, concerts and film shows, spay and neuter marathons, veterinary treatment camps, rabies prevention awareness and vaccination, radio and TV interviews, peaceful protest marches.

A few examples of victories that World Animal Day has helped achieve.

  1. Amina Abaza, who heads the Society for the Protection of Animal Rights in Egypt (SPARE), has used World Animal Day to successfully lobby for the addition of a clause about animal welfare in the new Egyptian Constitution. 
  2. Another ground-breaking event achieved by SPARE was at Cairo University’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine where animals are used in education. Attended by professors, students, the Dean and Vice Dean of the Faculty, and other dignitaries, speeches were made by the President of the Egyptian Veterinary Association and representatives of several, highly-respected animal welfare NGOs to increase awareness about alternatives to the use of animals in education.
  3. Both Animals Lebanon and AnimaNaturalis Colombia have achieved a Municipal Resolution that requires the Secretariats of the Environment and Civic Culture to commemorate World Animal Day each year, which is helping tremendously to raise awareness among citizens about the ethical treatment of animals.
  4. The Sudanese Animal Care & Environmental Organisation’s greatest achievement is the introduction of animal protection legislation by the Sudanese parliament.  Much of the work to achieve this magnificent goal is attributed to increased awareness of animal welfare issues brought about by World Animal Day. 
  5. The Himalayan Animal Rescue Trust (HART) is delighted that World Animal Day is now being celebrated by government institutions in Nepal, such as the District Livestock Services Office.  Khageshwaar Sharma, our Ambassador in Nepal says: “World Animal Day events encourage people to work together to sensitise communities, making them aware of the needs of animals they live among, and also of how they can improve their lives.  Creating an outlook that respects all animals is a slow process and World Animal Day acts as an annual marker to measure progress.”

PDF copy of press release

For further information please contact:

Caroline Ruane
Co-ordinator, World Animal Day

+44 (0) 1242 252871

The World Animal Day movement is proudly sponsored by Naturewatch Foundation, a registered charity that has been speaking out on behalf of animals for over 25 years.

Registered Office: 49 Rodney Road, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL50 1HX, +44 (0)1242 252871 

Registered Charity No. 1039679


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