Thanks to thousands of animal lovers like you, World Animal Day was an unprecedented success on social media this year!

We asked the world to celebrate animals on October 4and the world delivered!

  • The hashtag, #WorldAnimalDay, trended in 56 countries – an increase of 20 from 2018!
  • It reached 39 million people around the world!
  • Translations used included Hindi, French, Italian, German, Chinese and Greek. The Spanish hashtag, #DiaMundialDeLosAnimales, also trended!
  • Variations on the official #WorldAnimalDay hashtag included #WorldAnimalDay2019, #AnimalWelfareDay, #InternationalDayOfAnimals, #AnimalsDay, and #WorldAnimalsDay – the reach might have been even wider if the same hashtag had been used by everyone!

Other celebratory days also fell on the same day, the most popular of which were #NationalTacoDay and #WorldSmileDay. Despite this, #WorldAnimalDay held its own, and trended worldwide all day.

In fact, some organisations (including us) used #WorldAnimalDay in conjunction with #WorldSmileDay as the two are a perfect combination – after all, who doesn’t love an animal and a smile?


Celebrities, authors, artists, sports stars and public figures all used social media to raise awareness of the day and its primary purpose – to raise the status of animals worldwide.

Well-known online supporters included:
  • British illustrator, Sir Quentin Blake
  • Domenick Lombardozzi (from ‘The Wire’ and ‘Boardwalk Empire’)
  • Actor, Brian Blessed OBE
  • British comedian, actor and animal advocate, Ricky Gervais
  • Actors Sidharth Malhotra and Disha Patani
  • Lizzy Greene (from ABC’s ‘A Million Little Things’)
  • Musicians, Kid Creole, Nick Battle and Barb Jungr
  • Lou Brutus, American radio personality
  • Teen activist, Bella Lack
  • Bulgarian writer, Maria Popova
  • Dr. Pol, veterinarian from Nat Geo Wild’s ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’ series
  • World Animal Day’s poet-in-residence, Susan Richardson

Media outlets around the world played an important role in raising awareness. Online articles featured in Newsweek, The Daily Sabah (Turkey’s top English newspaper), The Times of India and the UK’s Standard. Topics of the articles, and numerous blogs, varied from the illegal wildlife trade, to legislation, to pet welfare.

Other media support came from:
  • BBC
  • Good Morning America
  • NATO Press
  • National Geographic
  • ESPN Mexico
  • ABC Spain
  • France 4 TV
  • Oceanographic Magazine
  • NBC 15 News
  • CNN Philippines
  • Mutts Comics
  • Virgin Radio Winnipeg
  • All India Radio
  • K9 Magazine

Children’s TV stations and programmes also got involved, including Clangers, Bagpuss and Tiny Pop TV.

In Egypt, World Animal Day Ambassador, Mai Hamada, appeared on Cruise TV (Nile TV International) to raise awareness of her work with Alexandria Turtle and Wildlife Rescue.

Pat Chan, our Panamanian Ambassador, was interviewed on BCTV’s ‘A Close-Up Look at Animal Welfare Issues’ in the USA. She spoke to American World Animal Day Ambassador, Tina Evangelista-Eppenstein, about the highly successful spay/neuter program Pat created at Spay Panama, which is also used in other countries.

Over in the UK, actors Rula Lenska and Maureen Lipman appeared on ITV’s ‘Lorraine’ show to tell approximately 750,000 viewers how, and why, they became involved with World Animal Day. Some of their popular ‘Coronation Street’ colleagues posed for photos with the World Animal Day 'I Care About Animals' poster.

As a patron of Naturewatch Foundation (the British animal welfare charity that has coordinated World Animal Day since 2003), Rula also filmed a special message for October 4, as did fellow patrons Dan Richardson, Wendy Turner-Webster and Anneka Svenska (whose video featured ‘Shark Whisperer’ and conservationist, Cristina Zenato).

Sports personalities and clubs shared their love of animals:

  • Former tennis champion, Billie Jean King
  • La Roja, the Chilean national football team
  • Aston Villa Football Club, in the UK
  • Australian Olympic medallist, Sally Pearson OAM
  • Arsenal Women’s Football Club in the UK
  • AFC Ajax, the Dutch pro football club
  • Galatasaray Sports Club in Turkey

Businesses and workplaces were keen to show their philanthropic side by getting involved to improve the lives of animals. Some donated a portion of their sales to animal welfare charities.

Others raised awareness of the day on social media, including:

  • British Airways
  • Turkish Airlines
  • The Body Shop
  • Canon and Canon France
  • Western Railway, India
  • Dhanraj Nathwani, the President of Reliance Industries, India
  • Fiat 500 Canada
  • Medivet
  • Saatchi Gallery
  • Fitzpatrick Referrals UK, the home of Channel 4’s ‘Supervet’

We were pleasantly surprised by countries expressing their support for World Animal Day on social media, including Canada, Spain and Russia! Numerous politicians around the world tweeted for animals – far too many to list here!

Governments and other establishments also spoke up for the voiceless:

  • Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Visit Coventry in the UK
  • Golden Gate National Park Service, USA
  • Visit Florida, USA
  • Parques Colombia
  • Assistance Dogs Australia
  • Croatia’s Cartoon Museum
  • Museums Victoria in Australia
  • Age UK
  • Great Barrier Reef Foundation
  • Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India
  • EU Climate Action

Schools, universities, monuments, libraries, museums and many others spread the message that we should all act for animals – before it’s too late!

Organisations that usually care for people showed that their compassion extends to animals by highlighting the special relationship between humans and animals, and the benefits they bring…

Police forces were particularly active this year, especially Ukraine’s patrol police, who are currently undergoing Naturewatch Foundation’s well-received training course, which focuses on the link between animal crime and other types of criminal activity. Officers from 21 Ukrainian cities took part in an ‘Animals Matter’ social media campaign.

Unsurprisingly, the most prolific participants were those involved in animal rescue on a daily basis. We were astonished by the response from the animal welfare community this year! October 4 is a perfect opportunity for all charities to promote their work, and for smaller organisations to raise their profile and gain new supporters.

Here's just a small selection of #WorldAnimalDay tweeters:

  • PAWS Philippines
  • Naturewatch Foundation
  • Eurogroup for Animals
  • Jane Goodall Institute
  • Born Free Foundation
  • League Against Cruel Sports
  • Wild Welfare
  • Embark
  • Four Paws USA
  • Donkey Sanctuary
  • Humane Canada
  • Help Animals India
  • Helping Rhinos
  • Dogs Trust
  • Viva!
  • Animals Asia
  • Compassion in World Farming
  • World Animal Protection UK
  • Cruelty Free International
  • WWF
  • Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting
  • Cheetah Conservation Fund
  • The Humane League UK
  • International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)
  • Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
  • Protect All Wildlife
  • Audobon Society
  • PETA
  • Brigitte Bardot Foundation
  • L214 Ethics and Animals
  • Eurogroup for Animals
  • Marine Conservation Society
  • Big Cat Rescue
  • Humane Society International

If you don’t already support an animal welfare charity, please consider raising funds or awareness for your favourite cause next World Animal Day!

However, October 4 isn’t just about sharing a hashtag on social media.

People around the world spoke up for animals in a variety of other ways – making pledges, signing petitions, volunteering or even by organising an event!

The events that were added to the website this year were more impressive than ever before!

If you’d like to find out more, or need ideas for #WorldAnimalDay 2020, we’ve compiled a few of this year’s fantastic events...