Founder & CEO of the Animals Asia Foundation

With her wealth of knowledge and expertise on Asian animal welfare issues, Jill very kindly advises our Ambassadors throughout Asia. We feel that many potentially great Ambassadors will be more willing to come forward and offer their services if they know they have someone to call on for advice should the need arise.

Jill says: Thanks to World Animal Day and the incredible platform it gives our projects each year, we are slowly but surely raising the status of animals in Asia. Our work continues to help and protect them all and create a world where animals are no longer exploited.

Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary

Pam says: For as long as I can remember animals have shared my world and, indeed, throughout human history animals have been trotting along beside us; offering comfort, helping forge nations and a never ending source of wonder. I just love World Animal Day and the fact it is celebrated around the globe.  The day gives animal lovers an opportunity to unite, celebrate and empower much needed change for our animal friends.

Campaigns Against the Cruelty to Animals (CATCA)

Ericka says: The celebration of World Animal Day in Canada is helping to raise awareness about animal issues from domestic to endangered wild animals, both locally and globally. We encourage everyone to be active and be a voice for the animals on World Animal Day to help protect and conserve them.  Many thousands of people have been reached via our international and national activities. 

Animals Asia

Irene says: Animals Asia has been involved in World Animal Day since 2006.  We join hands with animal protection groups across China to launch different kinds of activities in local cities. Like a concept and common language, World Animal Day is being delivered to an ever-increasing number of people across the country, inspiring people to care more for animals. 

AnimaNaturalis International

Pauline says: Since 2008 many cities in Colombia have been organising events in celebration of WAD and everyone who participates is seeking peace for all animals. Thousands of people take to the streets each year and march for the animals and we believe that our Government is starting to listen to us.

Animal Rescue & Protection Association (ARGOS)

Stella says: Animal awareness in Cyprus was non-existent before the World Animal Day events began.  Even though the animal welfare laws were ratified in 1994 and the Dog Law in 2002, these remained paper laws because the government never implemented or promoted animal welfare. With each year that World Animal Day is celebrated, awareness grows and attitudes are slowly changing as people begin to see animals in a different light. 

One of the most significant statements that will forever remain imprinted in my mind was when a local village farmer visited me at the shelter following one of our World Animal Day events. A German Shepherd dog had wandered onto his farm and he brought him to our shelter.  He said that in years past, he would have shot any stray dog on his farm, dig a hole and bury it and that would be that but, he continued, “you are doing something truly wonderful and now I cannot bring myself to do such a thing.

Safe Environment for All (SEA)

Paul says: Our World Animal Day Campaign has increasingly reduced the abuse of animals during transportation, the killing of dogs and the mass killing of cats in the city of Goma and surrounding areas. World Animal Day is slowly swaying the attitudes of people towards respecting the rights of all animals wherever and in whatever circumstances. 

Jakarta Animal Aid Network

Femke says: In Indonesia the events we organise for World Animal Day have resulted in extra attention for animal welfare in general. The fact that World Animal Day is organised worldwide in so many countries shows the Indonesian public that it’s important on a worldwide level and Indonesia is proud to be part of it.

Kenya Veterinary Association (KVA) 

Tabitha says: In Kenya, the one thing that I find most heart-warming is the amazing collaboration between animal welfare organizations, the government of Kenya and communities living with animals in making World Animal Day such a success each year.

Animals Lebanon

Lana says: World Animal Day has created a loving trend for animals in Lebanon. Every year people look forward eagerly to this day to show how much they care about their own animals as well as animal welfare. It has created a major change in our culture towards animals as well as having a huge impact on raising public awareness about animal issues. 

Liberia Animal Welfare AND Conservation Society

Morris says: The celebration of World Animal Day is vital in helping animals in Liberia where they are considered to be a commodity and property rather than sentient beings & the issue of animal welfare is still seen as a new phenomenon. To set aside a day for celebrating animals means a lot to people here, it tells them that animals are important and have values, and as such should be treated with respect and compassion. 

Together we can gradually make the entire world a compassionate place for animals too. Thank you very much for engaging the many organizations who are speaking out with one voice for the welfare improvement for all animals.

All Creatures Animal Welfare League Trust

Richard says:
World Animal Day helps raise the profile of animal welfare in Malawi.  It was particularly rewarding to register the support of most of the organisations related to the livestock industry.  World Animal Day each year is a great opportunity for us to elevate the importance of animals and their wellbeing to unprecedented levels.

World Animal Day Mexico

Araceli says: Being a World Animal Day Ambassador is helping to make a difference for animals in my country.  As a representative of an international organization, I get invited to participate and support various campaigns and they all support World Animal Day. Every year the World Animal Day logo is recognised more widely. 

Himalayan Animal Rescue Trust

Khageshwaar says: I’m delighted to tell you that World Animal Day is now being celebrated by government institutions in Nepal, such as the District Livestock Services Office, with whom we liaise to commemorate the day. 

World Animal Day events encourage people to work together to sensitise communities, making them aware of the needs of animals they live among, and also of how they can improve their lives. Creating an outlook that respects all animals is a slow process and World Animal Day acts as an annual marker to measure progress.

Ljubimci Society for the Protection of Animals

Ivan says: World Animal Day in Serbia has become a very significant date.  This is because the media, organisations, municipalities and state institutions hold a variety of activities in order to mark this truly special day of the year when animals are top of the agenda and feature on the front page of newspapers.

Participating in World Animal Day makes everyone feel they are part of something important and positive – the fact that we share this world with animals and that we must respect and preserve the special bond that we share.


Otara says: World Animal Day in Sri Lanka goes beyond celebrating one day.  It is about education, about creating awareness; influencing and inspiring young people to establish a world where harmonious co-existence with animals is a reality. 

Sudanese Animal Care & Environmental Organisation

Mustafa says: World Animal Day has inspired us to carry out many projects in Sudan to improve the health and welfare of animals. Our greatest achievement is being instrumental in the introduction by the Sudanese parliament of a law to protect animals.  Much of the work to achieve this is attributed to increased awareness of animal welfare issues brought about by World Animal Day.

Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad (SPANA)

Darem says: The celebration of World Animal Day has already made a big difference to the people and for animals.  It’s become one of our annual celebrations nationwide and people are gradually changing the way they think about animals. 

They are beginning to respect their relationship with animals, the role animals play in their lives and how important it is to their livelihoods to ensure their animals are well cared for.  

Taiwan Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Connie says: The celebration of World Animal Day creates an important media and public awareness message.  A message that powerfully shows animal protection as a global movement and that everyone has the responsibility to care and respect animals. We are delighted that, each year our government and media both love to be a part of this meaningful concept.

Becoming an Ambassador for Taiwan has also helped us to gain more respect from the government and the public, and has given us the drive to spread the message further and further each year.

Tanzania Animal Welfare Society

Thomas says: All that we do in celebration of World Animal Day has been a big lesson to government, local communities and schools throughout the country.  Many people now understand and are taking the need to care for animals seriously. 

What some of our Ambassadors have to say demonstrates that World Animal Day has already brought about a significant and lasting contribution towards advancing animal welfare standards, and that its influence will continue to grow.

Interestingly, many of our Ambassadors have said that since their appointment they’ve found it much easier to gain political and media attention for animal issues.