USA - School Initiative South Africa - March to Influence Government Around Animal Welfare
 SriLanka - Embark Community Engagemen  Syria - Children's Event
Syria - Large Children's Event Taiwan - Help-Save-A-Pet Fund (HSAPF) Cycle Tour
Taiwan - Help-Save-A-Pet Fund (HSAPF) Taiwan- Help-Save-A-Pet Fund (HSAPF) Tour
Tanzania - Animal Welfare Society Talk on Caring for Dogs Tanzania - Donkey Welfare Workshop
Liberia - Sewing Seeds of Compassion Malawi - Ivory Trade March
Malawi - Lilongwe SPCA Influence Minister & Other Officials Mexico - Annual WAD Bus
Mexico - WAD Bus Annual October Event Nepal - Free Spay and Neuter
Pakistan - Vet Care Club Panama - Spay Panama with Emberá Purú Indian
Serbia - Dog Walk for Awareness South Africa - Cape Town Parade
Egypt - VIP Event Hong Kong - Child Activities
India - Animals Ghaziabad School Education India - Homemade Bird Feeders
 India - School Education  Ireland - ARAN Rally for World Animal Day
 Italy - Animal Blessing  Jordan - SPANA Event
 Jordan - SPANA WAD Event  Lebanon - Social Media Campaign
Costa Rica - 9000 March Against Animal Abuse Columbia - Rally
China - Animals Asia Cyclists Love Animals Cameroon - Donkey Workshop
Bosnia - Student Radio Appeal for Stray Dogs Bosnia - Children's Event
Bolivia - Animal Support Groups Bolivia - ADDA
Bangladesh - March  Australia - Edgards Mission Sanctuary