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Dia Mundial dos Animais no Departamento de Educação Ambiental

The Department of Environmental Education is part of the structure of the Department of Education of the municipality of Praia Grande, located in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. Our institution is situated in a park that encompasses an extensive mangrove area, where we carry out a wide variety of projects with the aim of raising awareness of environmental issues among our students.

We desire to incorporate the themes that were proposed, however, we have faced challenges in accessing materials and arts specific to our country. During World Water Day, we managed to promote remarkable work, involving the participation of our 56,000 students. However, it was necessary to make adaptations to the art used.

To celebrate this significant date, the 10 teachers responsible will wear customized t-shirts with art alluding to the event, and will also include fun activities related to fauna and flora. Our projects planned for this day are as follows:

"The Sea is Ours": This project will focus on exploring marine life. Each student will have the opportunity to record a special message related to this topic.

"Vem Passarinhar": Students will be involved in observing the birds that frequent the feeder, also participating in practical activities such as building nests for birds and activities related to nature.

"Legal Citizen": This project seeks to bring students closer to the environment through the study of the Tiê-Sangue bird, a symbol of the Atlantic Forest. Students will have the opportunity to explore the book "Tiê-Sangue e a Natureza" and will receive a copy to take home.

We are committed to continuing to promote environmental awareness among our students, and we hope to be able to count on the support and resources necessary for the effective implementation of these educational projects in favor of the environment.
The event will take place on October 4th from 8am to 5pm.

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