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Low cost spay/neuter clinic and awareness education

The plight of so many dogs… They are tied up their whole lives in deplorable conditions, often left with little or no protection against the elements, they suffer in silence while the world goes by, and the worst part of it is they are not spayed, so the females give birth over and over again. This Saturday, October 6th, SASY (Stop Animal Suffering Yes!) will be holding a low cost spay/neuter clinic in the very poor area of Alajuelita, notorious for it’s pet overpopulation. We will be focusing on educating the owners to improving the conditions of their dogs tied up and those animals will be picked up and spayed as well as treated for any illness they might have. Our goal is to educate the community in stopping this cruel practice that is so common and sadly not looked down upon. Every visit I make to these neighborhoods leaves me with hope that one day all these dogs will be freed of their chains. One particular puppy was released after I convinced the owner to hand it over to me, they actually untied the tiny puppy and took it inside their house. 

On October 6th, 2018, SASY (Stop Animal Suffering – Yes!) held a clinic in a very low income neighborhood in the outskirts of San Jose where the pet overpopulation is out of control and many of the dogs remain tied up their whole lives in deplorable conditions. My goal is to make owners aware of the suffering these animals endure and to provide veterinary care and low cost or no cost spay /neuter services. Education is the key to making a change. 31 animals were brought in to be spayed/neutered but unfortunately some of the the dogs that were most in need were not released by their owners and therefore I will return with local law enforcement officials and try to convince the owners to allow SASY to pick up the dogs which are tied up and have them spayed/neutered and give them proper vet care. It is an uphill battle but we are making a huge impact on the animals in these neighborhoods!

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