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OPEN MONA – A weekend of education and fun for all the family!

Fundación MONA is a primate rescue, rehabilitation and conservation centre based in Northern Spain and we will be opening our doors to visitors for a special weekend fun and education on the 6th and 7th of October.

Our aim across the weekend is to engage and educate people of all ages about the ongoing plight of wild animals (and specifically primates) being kept in captivity.

We will have something for everyone – from face painting and animal enrichment workshops for children through to bite-sized seminars on primatology and wine tasting for adults…

The overall message for the two days is a serious one – We have 14 Chimpanzees and 4 Barbary Macaques on-site and there are still several cases of captive primates in Spain that require our urgent attention.

As we offer lifetime care for our growing ‘family’ we are in the early stages of an essential relocation and expansion project and this will be the focus of our fundraising efforts over the next 18 months. 

The event will be taking place close to the city of Girona, Northern Spain and for a small entrance fee visitors will have access to all of the activities, a host of local food vendors, a wealth of unique products to purchase and guided tours to come face-to-face with our chimpanzees.

Please visit our site for more information and spread the word of our event through your social networks

– https://www.fundacionmona.org/donaciones/en/2020-en/




After many weeks of planning the weekend of Open Mona finally arrived…

The weather forecast was for a mix of sun and scattered showers, we all crossed our fingers and hoped that the rain would scatter elsewhere.

Luck seemed to be on our side and over the course of the two days more than 900 visitors of all ages came to see the rescue, rehabilitation and conservation work we are doing with primates in Northern Spain.

Amongst the activities on offer, visitors were able to contribute to the work we are doing through a series of animal enrichment workshops and we were able to spread our message of conservation and animal welfare in our presentations and information stations.

Overall the weekend was a great success, with the conservation and animal welfare message being carried far and wide via our 20,000 social media followers.

Our hope is that we are able to educate people on a national and international level that animals should not be exploited for financial gain or entertainment and they need to be protected in their natural habitat.

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