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Orangutan Letter Writing Campaign

Orangutans are losing the natural habitat at an alarming rate.  Estimates are that we are losing 100 to 300 soccer fields worth of orangutan habitat everyday due to illegal deforestation from the logging industry, the palm oil industry, the mining industry and from all the massive forest fires.  On top of that, the orangutan have to contend with the illegal wildlife trade which rounds up the displaced and orphaned orangutans and sells them to the highest bidder. 

Our campaign to mark World Animal Day is designed to raise awareness to the issue and ask everyone to write a letter to the President of Indonesia, asking him to get serious about saving the species before it is too late.  By partnering with some of the top experts in the field, we have created a detailed presentation about the issue with suggested solutions which we are making available to schools around the world.  

We are asking teachers and students alike to host our Orangutan Letter Writing Campaign on World Animal Day and to collect as many letters as they can.  Our two young founders will be hand delivering all the collected letters from around the world, to the Indonesian government in Nov at the UN/GRASP conference in Jakarta.

Here is the link to the Campaign, please share it with everyone and help us save orangutans for at least One More Generation… and beyond: http://onemoregeneration.org/2016/02/20/orangutan-letter-writing-campaign/
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