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Synch DVM Plantation Drive

WORLD ANIMAL DAY is a time to rejoice in the presence of animals and it marks the importance of animal welfare and their rights. On this Day SYNCH DVM  is focused to raise awareness and for this, a PLANTATION DRIVE is organized according to the themeForests and livelihood: Sustaining people and planet”.Plants are an important component of Earth that makes life possible on Earth. Due to deforestation animals are severely affected through loss of habitat. Apart from that plants are also fountains of life not for animals but also for humans.To raise awareness and highlight the importance of forests and life SYNCH DVM will be doing plantation drive.

This event will be public and volunteers will plant and send us a picture. And then all the pics will be uploaded to our social media platforms to encourage more people.

SYNCH DVM celebrated World Animal Day with zeal and zest. A plantation drive was run to create awareness about the importance of forests and trees to animals and their sustainability. Many of the volunteers took part in the drive to impart maximum influential role in society and for the betterment of these creatures.

Moreover, awareness was created through the posters and short documented videos which aimed to depicts the animal welfare issues, loss of habitat, deforestation, illegal poaching, and their extinction.  Also, the steps to stop the illegal activities against animals were highlighted.

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