Global Wave

How many selfies do you take every week?  In the months and weeks leading up to 4 October each year, we're asking you to take a few extra photos to help promote World Animal Day and raise the status of animals around the globe. You can play a very important role by sharing your #worldanimalday selfies with friends on social media and with World Animal Day HQ. Sharing selfies will help tremendously to raise global awareness of World Animal Day and encourage participation in celebrating this special day. Please ask your friends to do the same!

During the months leading up to World Animal Day:

  1. Print an 'I Care About Animals - Get Involved in the World Animal Day Challenge' poster.

And on World Animal Day:.

  1. Print a Happy World Animal Day Selfie Poster - with or without a pledge.  Please select one of the following 3 posters: 
    HAPPY#worldanimalday (landscape without pledge)   HAPPY#worldanimalday (portrait with pledge)   HAPPY#worldanimalday (landscape with pledge)

  2. Take a selfie with your poster - the more creative the better - and share far and wide across all social media channels using the #WorldAnimalDay
  3. Email it to us at for publication on our social media platforms.

Please print in colour if you can otherwise black and white is fine. If you don't have a printer, please open the poster on a phone or tablet screen and hold it up while you take a photo!

Please note: You must be happy to have your photo shared on social media belonging to World Animal Day HQ, Naturewatch Foundation and other reputable organisations affiliated with us.  


We'd love you to get involved and make a difference for animals by organising an event.  The size of the event isn't important - showing you care and encouraging others to do the same is what matters. You need to Register as a user of this website (in order to avoid spam) and then you can add your event to the Global Diary of World Animal Day Events. You will also find time-saving resources if you scroll down this page such as logos, posters, flyers and leaflets. 

If you need inspiration, check out the Diary of Events and you will also find ideas for IndividualsWorkplaceCommunity GroupsAnimal Welfare GroupsYouth Groups and Children's ClubsSchoolsThank you so much for engaging with us to promote World Animal Day in order to raise the status of animals around the globe.  Thank you for snapping a selfie for animals - we look forward to receiving your photos.
Sign Up as a Member and Get Involved!

Help make animals front page news around the globe – a vital catalyst for change!  Building the celebration of the World Animal Day movement mobilises people for action now for a better future for animals.  Through increased awareness and education we can make this world a fairer place for all living creatures.  Your help is needed to enhance the visibility of World Animal Day. 

Click here to 'Sign Up'  In the ‘About Me’ section, please outline how you are involved with animals, for example: you may be a pet owner, a member of an animal welfare organisation, or you may work in animal welfare.  Your co-operation is appreciated as this will help us stop spam being posted on the website. 

World Animal Day Logo

Please include the Logo in all advertising and promotional material for your World Animal Day event such as press releases, websites, E-newsletters, leaflets, stickers, posters, banners, t-shirts, etc. You can also help the animals by including information about World Animal Day on your website throughout the year to help encourage increased participation. Please include a link to the website:

IMPORTANT - Please click here to read the Use of Logo Guidelines


Create your own Posters, Leaflets and Banners

Designed to make it easy for you to create your own posters, leaflets and banners to advertise your World Animal Day event and to encourage everyone who cares about animals to get involved in celebrating World Animal Day.

  1. Editable A4 Event Advertisement

  2. Editable A5 Event Advertisement 

  3. World Animal Day Banner (measures 1600mm x 1200mm) 

  4. Get Involved - Double-sided 1/3 A4FRONT of Leaflet  - BACK of Leaflet 
    Get Involved - Single-sided Leaflet 2/3 A4
  5. About World Animal Day - a leaflet that explains why and how we celebrate World Animal Day.   

Press Release Template

Here is a press release template that you can adapt to suit the promotion of your World Animal Day event.

Shareable images

Here are some shareable jpg. images that you can use to promote World Animal Day. 

World Animal Day Horse      World Animal Day Fox     World Animal Day Piglet 

Model Animal Welfare Act

Ethical, scientific, and policy developments have led to many countries seeking to introduce or improve national animal welfare legislation. The Model Animal Welfare Act has been prepared by World Animal Net to assist with this process.

It's been designed to serve as a basic template and guidance document for those interested in enacting new legislation or improving existing animal protection legislation. It has been drafted using an extensive comparative law exercise, taking into account ‘best practice’ in the field. Thus it is aspirational in nature; seeking to provide the best possible structures, systems and provisions to protect the welfare of animals. This may mean that countries which are just starting to establish animal welfare requirements might decide to introduce its provisions progressively. In such cases, a strategic approach (step-wise and prioritised) is recommended. This could also be considered in cases where countries already have structures, systems and provisions that have been introduced gradually over time, but remain less than optimal. The important principle is that each country works progressively towards the best possible protection for the welfare of its animal population, and indeed – as elaborated in the Three Rs approach – the eventual reduction and replacement of any uses of animals which compromise their welfare. Find out more and download the Model Animal Welfare Act.